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Breeze is a starter kit for Laravel that provides authentication, password resets, account activation and password confirmation out of the box. In this course, we'll dive into each of these features, and look behind the scenes to learn more.

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Welcome to the demo page of DataLife Engine. DataLife Engine is a multi-user news engine with a high functionality. First of all, the engine is designed to create news blogs and websites with a large information context. However, it has a lot of settings that allow you to use it for any purpose. The engine can be integrated into almost any existing design and it has no limatations for making new templates for it. Another key feature of DataLife Engine - is a low load on system resources. Server load will be minimal even when many users will be online, and you will not experience any problems with the information displaying. The engine is optimized for search engines. You can read about all the functional features on our website.

Discuss all issues of source code at the forum here. This forum uses Russian as the main language, you can get technical support if you buy the official license.
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Dear webmaster, we have more information for you. Before contacting our technical support to ask a question, please make sure you have read the source material carefully and did not find the answer you need. We reserve the right to ignore questions we receive from users who use non-commercial versions of the source code - demos, nulled or non-paid users for licenses that include technical support. You can purchase either of the following DataLife Engine licenses:

- Basic license. When you purchase this license, you get the opportunity to receive new versions of DLE for free within one year.

- Advanced license. When you purchase this license, you get everything that is included in the base license, additionally you get technical support service and permission to remove copyrights in the website (that is visible to visitors).

License Term is 1 year, During that time, you will be offered free updates or upgrade DLE to the new version. If you purchase an Advanced License, you will be accompanied by technical support during this time. After the license expires, you can renew or use the current version at that time forever without being updated to a newer version.

Instructions for buying a license at

Best regards,

SoftNews Media Group
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Technical support provided by Support Forum, and via e-mail. We try to answer all your questions, but due to the large number of visitors, it is not always possible. Therefore, guaranteed technical support is available only to users who have purchased the extended license.

Technical support service includes:

1. New members using DLE will be given priority to respond first. Technical support only supports focusing on errors in the DLE source code itself. If the error occurs because the Template you configured does not match the DLE, support will be denied.

2. Also you get a one-time opportunity to install the script on your server, including setting it up to full performance with current server settings (sometimes it is needed to correctly disable the User-Friendly URL, enable the specific features of Russian Apache for the correct images uploading, etc...).

3. You receive a consultancy support on working with the structure of the script. For example, if you want to make small changes to the script for more convenient work for you, you can save time on finding the correct piece of code by just asking us. You will be given an advice where to find it and how to implement your task better. (Note that we do not write additional modules for you, but only help you to understand the structure of the script better, so do NOT ask related questions. Questions like: "How to make this stuff" may be ignored by customer support).

4. Another common problem is incorrect updating of the script. For example the server has failed during the update, where part of the new data was entered into the database and configurations, and the other part was not entered. As a result, you get a non-working script with all the consequences. In this case, you will be held manual correction of the damaged database structure.

If you are not subscribed to additional support services, your questions can be ignored and unanswered.

Best regards,

SoftNews Media Group
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